Next Round!

2017-08-10 20:31:51 by Techmo-X

Well I thought it was gonna be cut short to me not winning as I thought it wasn't a track that was gonna make me pass but in the end I succeded. I would like to thank @ChronoNomad for the extra hour which really did help me with finalizing my work. 


A shame though that @jimmypig couldn't move to the next round. I was honestly scared to be honest because he's really good at what he does. You all should check him out sometime. Here's a track made by @jimmypig and it's the best;


Other than that I think you should also check out some of @LunacyEcho work too. He was a good match up as well. Here's a track from him;


Well the round up is coming up and I've got a lot of work to do especially now that I'm up against some seriously competition once again. All again wishing the best of luck to everyone still competeing in the NGADM Contest! And a good luck to my competition @steelside you can check some of his work out too in fact here's one of my favorites;




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2017-08-10 21:19:58

You're welcome! Best of luck in the Round of 16. This is gonna be good...